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crinolines blog now active: institute of electric crinolines

including news of new books from the Institute by Redell Olsen and Drew Milne

2013 book length sequence co-written with John Kinsella available from Veer .

burnt laconics bloom (Old Hunstanton: Oystercatcher Press, 2013), from Oystercatcher.

'equipollence' (the song cave, 2012), chapbook in limited edition (Available from the song cave)

'pylons & pyramids', short poetic sequence in: PN Review 210 (March-April, 2013)

'the view from Royston cave' (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012), 20 page poetic sequence. (Available from Parataxis Editions through paypal button below.)

'caesurae and ballroom bellinis', short poetic sequence at: Blackbox Manifold 8

'starkness falls', short poetic sequence in: Jubilat 21

'Preface to the Critique of Pure Poetry', in Formes Critiques Contemporaines / Contemporary Critical Forms, (Formes Poetiques Contemporaines 9)' (2012), eds. Vincent Broqua and Jean-Jacques Poucel, Double Change (Presses Universitaires du Nouveau Monde), ISBN 978-1-937030-20-9, pp. 281-8.

Go Figure (Cambridge: Salt, 2003), 124 pp.

Also from Drew Milne:

Drew Milne

'Performance over being: Frank O'Hara's artifice', in Textual Practice, volume 25, issue 2, April 2011, 297-313.

text sequence, 'city of dogs' available on Blackbox Manifold

'Muriel Spark's crimes of wit', in Edinburgh Companion to Muriel Spark, eds. Willy Maley and Michael Gardiner (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010).

'Neo-modernism and avant-garde orientations', in A Concise Companion to Postwar British and Irish Poetry, eds. Nigel Alderman and C.D.Blanton (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), pp. 155-175.

MARS DISARMED, a book of poems from The Figures, collecting 'The Gates of Gaza', 'Hector Carp: friend and patron', 'Pianola' and 'the Trojan light', $10. Copies available in UK for 7.50, including postage , cheques payable to 'Drew Milne' to Drew Milne, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP.)

THE DAMAGE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, 7.95. (This book includes Songbook, As It Were, familiars and a revised setting of How Peace Came.)
Buy at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Listings of Essays, and reviews by Drew Milne.

Available from Parataxis Editions

Drew Milne, the view from Royston cave (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012), pp. 20. 3.00.

Redell Olsen, Punk Faun (California: Subpress, 2012), 9.00 inc p & p.

Redell Olsen, Sprigs & Spots (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012), pp. 20. 3.00.

Redell Olsen, Smock (Cambridge: Institute of Electric Crinolines), pp. 28. 4.00.

PIANOLA (Cambridge: REM Press, 2000), by Jo Milne & Drew Milne, colour illustrations, 5.00.

John Wilkinson, Flung Clear: Poems in six books (Cambridge: Parataxis Editions, 1994), pp. 240. 7.50. (This book collects the sequences Hid Lip, Bones of Contention, The Speaking Twins, The Interior Planets, Desert Varnish, and The Nile.)

John Wilkinson, Signs of an Intruder (Cambridge: Parataxis Editions, 2001), pp. 44. 3.00.

Issue 10 (2001) of Parataxis: modernism and modern writing, pp. 108. 5.00. information

Issue 8/9 (1996) of Parataxis: modernism and modern writing, pp. 244. 6.00.

Issue 7 (1995) of Parataxis: modernism and modern writing, ORIGINAL: Chinese Language-Poetry Group, translated by Jeff Twitchell, edited by J.H. Prynne, pp. 128. 4.00.

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