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Books and poetry publications by Drew Milne:

'Cutting Carbons' (Cambridge: The Institute of Electric Crinolines, 2019), 20 pp. chapbook in edition of 100 copies.

'In Darkest Capital: collected poems' (Manchester: Carcanet, 2017)

'equipollence' (the song cave, 2012), 17 page chapbook in limited edition ( the song cave)

'pylons & pyramids', short poetic sequence in: PN Review 210 (March-April, 2013)

'the view from Royston cave' (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012), 20 page poetic sequence.

'starkness falls', short poetic sequence in: Jubilat 21

'caesurae and ballroom bellinis', short poetic sequence at: Blackbox Manifold 8.

'Preface to the Critique of Pure Poetry', in Formes Critiques Contemporaines / Contemporary Critical Forms, (Formes Poetiques Contemporaines 9)' (2012), eds. Vincent Broqua and Jean-Jacques Poucel, Double Change (Presses Universitaires du Nouveau Monde), ISBN 978-1-937030-20-9, pp. 281-8.

text sequence: 'city of dogs' available on Blackbox Manifold

Go Figure (Cambridge: Salt, 2003), 124 pp - available at all good book portals. Buy online at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

MARS DISARMED(Great Barrington, MA: 2002), collecting 'The Gates of Gaza', 'Hector Carp: friend and patron', 'Pianola' and 'the Trojan light'. 1-930589-09-3, $10. Copies available in UK for 7.50, cheques payable to 'Drew Milne' to Drew Milne, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP.

THE DAMAGE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS(Salt, 2001), includes Songbook, As It Were, familiars and a revised setting of How Peace Came. 7.95. Buy online at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Extracts from the The Prada Meinhof Gang (novel in progress) in Edinburgh Review, no. 104 (2000), pp. 87-98. (Brief extracts also in Stand, new series, vol. 2, no.2 (June 2000); and in Leviathan Quarterly, no. 1 (September, 2001). Further extracts appeared as 'Allegories of Complicity', Critical Quarterly, vol. 47: 1-2 (Spring / Summer, 2005), pp. 118-127.

JUSTIFIED SINNERS; AN ARCHAEOLOGY OF SCOTTISH COUNTER-CULTURE (1960 - 2000), edited by Ross Birrell & Alec Finlay (Pocketbooks / Morning Star Publications / Polygon, and others, 2002).

FOOTBALL HAIKU, edited by Alec Finlay (Pocketbooks, Morning Star Publications, Polygon and others, 2002), 0 7486 6309 6, 7.99.

A selection of Drew Milne's poems featured in foil: defining poetry 1985-2000, edited by Nicholas Johnson (Buckfastleigh: Etruscan Books, 2000).

PIANOLA: by Jo Milne and Drew Milne.

JO MILNE catalogue:— a catalogue of Jo Milne's recent work including short essays by Drew Milne and Luis Doñate, along with several colour reproductions. A few copies available by writing to Drew Milne, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP, U.K.

PIG CUPID, ed. Drew Milne: An anthology of poems by way of homage to Mina Loy featuring a number of internationally well-known poets writing anonymously. 36pp. Copies available by to Drew Milne, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP, U.K.

Other books and pamphlets:

Satyrs and Mephitic Angels (Cambridge: Equipage, 1993) (collected in Sheet Mettle)

How Peace Came (Cambridge: Equipage, 1994)

Sheet Mettle (London: Alfred David Editions, 1994)

Carte Blanche (Kenilworth: Prest Roots Press, 1995) (collected in Bench Marks)

Songbook (Kirkcaldy: Akros, 1996)

Bench Marks (London: Alfred David Editions, 1998)

As It Were (Cambridge: Equipage, 1998)

familiars (Cambridge: Equipage, 1999)

The Gates of Gaza (Cambridge: Equipage, 2000)

Pianola (Cambridge: REM Press, 2000)

the view from Royston cave (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012)

equipollence (Northampton, MA: the song cave, 2012)

with John Kinsella, Reactor Red Shoes (London: Veer, 2013)

In Darkest Capital: collected poems (Manchester: Carcanet, 2017)

solar commune (Cambridge: Institute of Electric Crinolines, 2017), blogpost .

Earthworks (Cambridge: Equipage, 2018)

Lichens in Antarctica (Cambridge: Institute of Electric Crinolines, 2019)

Cutting Carbons (Cambridge: Institute of Electric Crinolines, 2019)

Copies of Equipage pamphlets from Rod Mengham, c/o Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8PL.

Individual poems have appeared in the following anthologies and journals: Conductors of Chaos, ed. Iain Sinclair (London: Picador, 1996); Oxford Book of Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry ed. Keith Tuma (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001); Edinburgh Review; Poetry Review; PN Review; New Orleans Review; Talisman; Parataxis; Angel Exhaust; fragmente; Grille; Active in Airtime; Object Permanence; Oasis; Fiver Finger Review; Sulfur; Angle; Apex of the M; Southfields; Comparative Criticism; Salt; Big Allis; Kunapipi; Inscape; The Gig; Stand; Westerly; Jacket; Alterra; slope; QUID; Capilano Review; and Kenyon Review.


Copyright 2019, Drew Milne