Reviews and review essays

'A Neo-Modernist Chameleon' (on Nicholas Moore), Poetry London, Summer 2015.

'Heideggerian Poetics: Lost in Translation', reviewing, Julian Young, HEIDEGGER'S PHILOSOPHY OF ART (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), in LITTERARIA PRAGENSIA: STUDIES IN LITERATURE AND CULTURE, vol 11, no. 22 (2001), pp. 114-122, special issue 'Contemporary Poetics', edited by Louis Armand.

Review: of Ken Friedman, ed., THE FLUXUS READER and FLUXFILM ANTHOLOGY, in Textual Practice, vol. 15, no. 3 (Winter 2001), 585-93.

'British Abstract Painting' a review of BRITISH ABSTRACT PAINTING 2001, Flowers East, London 2001, published in Last Call, vol. 1, issue 2 (Fall 2001).

Review of Louis Althusser, The Spectre of Hegel: Early Writings, ed. François Matherons, trans. G.M. Goshgarian (London: Verso, 1997), in QUID, no. 6, November 2000, pp. 5-9.

'California Tonking', review of Clark Coolidge, On the Nameways (The Figures, 2000), in Quid, issue no. 5 (August 2000), pp. 20-25.

'A Veritable Dollmine', review of Caroline Bergvall, Goan Atom, 1. Jets-Poupee (Cambridge: REM Press, 1999), in Quid, issue no. 4, pp. 6-8.

'Performance Criteria', review of Out of Actions: Between Performance and the object 1949-1979, eds. Russell Ferguson and Paul Schimmel, in The Cambridge Quarterly, vol. 28, no.1 (1999), 70-4.

Review : of More than Meat Joy, Samuel Beckett and Music, and Performing Nostalgia,; in Performance Research, vol. 4, no. 3 1999),99-103.

Review: of Alternative Shakespeares / Materialist Shakespeare / Shakespeare and Gender, in Textual Practice, vol. 12, no. 2 (1998), 356-363.

Review: of Out of Everywhere ed Maggie O'Sullivan", in Textual Practice, vol. 11., no. 1 (1997), 179-184.

Review: of Macherey and de Sade, in Textual Practice, vol. 10, no. 1 (1996), 201-7.

"What did you do in the theory wars, daddy?", Women: a cultural review, 5 (1994), 210-17.

"Torn-off receipts of the my-voice: John Wilkinson's The Nile", Parataxis, 5 (1993), 49-55.


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